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by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

Fool me once, the saying goes, shame on you. Fool me again --- you know the rest. But what do we call it when Obama supporters willingly deceive themselves about what side of the haves vs have-nots struggle their president is on? And if reports are true that the president has scarcely bothered to call or speak to leaders of the Congressional Black Caucus or even of Democrats in the Congress in months, what does that say about who owns who?

Obama 2012 Smacks Down Jim Clyburn For Criticizing Bain & Vampire Equity Firms, Obama Supporters Pretend Not to Notice

by BAR managing editor Bruce A. Dixon

What's more disgusting? An original act of cynical hypocrisy, like President Barack Obama's hollow criticisms of Mitt Romney's parasitic Bain Capital, while his own campaign and administration are honeycombed with execs and consultants from similar and even bigger bloodsuckers like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs, or the craven chorus of diehard Obama supporters insisting that we look the other way every time their president and his team show what side they're really on?

When Newark mayor and Obama campaign surrogate Corey Booker on Meet The Press defended the way so-called “private equity” firms like Bain Capital make their money he was defending his own, and the president's friends on Wall Street who do the same thing Bain Capital does, and who make both their careers and the careers of an entire generation of Democratic party politicians possible.

So how did the chorus of Obama supporters respond? For a solid week Obama fans, most of them avid supporters of Booker until then, fell all over each other denouncing Corey for not representing their president, or more accurately their idea of this president. Somebody should have noticed that in all that time, nobody from the White House or the Obama campaign denounced Corey Booker.

But when South Carolina's Jim Clyburn accurately described Bain Capital's technique as enriching its partners by “raping” companies they acquired the Obama campaign wasted no time in publicly smacking Clyburn down. Barack Obama and his campaign know that if public anger is focused at the vampire capital industry rather than just at Romney's Bain Capital alone, it's bad news for them and their campaign contributors as well. So their self-interested hypocrisy is understandable, though not excusable.

Less understandable, and less excusable was the sheeplike reaction of Obama fans. The week before they flooded online forums, call-in shows, email lists and the like with screeds on how Booker's views didn't represent their president. Instead of getting behind their imaginary President Obama --- the one who opposes vampire capital, and lining up with Rep. Clyburn, an avid supporter of the president himself, Obama supporters pretended to ignore Clyburn, and also looked away in silence as the Obama campaign publicly smacked him down.

Denial is potent and deceit is powerful. Nobody likes to admit being deceived, or being used to help deceive others. But with trillions of dollars and power on the line, or sometimes just the illusion of being near that power, deceit and denial are everyday facts of American political life, especially among supporters of our First Black President.

Hail to the Chief.

For Black Agenda Radio, I'm Bruce Dixon. Find us on the web at

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A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

The name “Rwanda” evokes instant sympathy among Americans, who view the African nation as a quintessential victim of genocide. But Rwanda is also the main player, along with Uganda, in a much larger genocide: the death of six million Congolese. A leaked UN report shows Rwanda’s Tutsi rulers are up to their old, deadly tricks in Congo – under U.S. protection, of course.


The Endless Genocide: Rwanda Still Spreading Chaos and Death in Congo

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

A leaked United Nations report charges that Rwanda continues to prey upon its Congolese neighbor.”

Rwanda, the tiny African country run by a small but armed-to-the-teeth Tutsi tribal minority, is known to most Americans as the site of the 1994 genocide that killed hundreds of thousands. But Rwanda, along with fellow U.S. client state Uganda, is largely responsible for the worst genocide since World War Two: the death of six million Congolese. A leaked United Nations report charges that Rwanda continues to prey upon its Congolese neighbor, sending Rwandans to help fuel a mutiny of Congolese Tutsi soldiers against the country’s government in Kinshasa.

It’s not surprising that the UN report on Rwanda’s serial crimes against Congo had to be leaked. U.S. collusion with the world’s most genocidal regimes does not jibe well with Washington’s constant preaching about humanitarian intervention. In 2010, another leaked UN report documented Rwandan crimes in eastern Congo that, “could be classified as genocide.” The Rwandan military and its allied militias of Congolese Tutsis seized control of huge chunks of Congo’s most mineral-rich regions, slaughtering whoever got in their way, including Rwandan Hutu refugees and native Congolese. It is estimated that three and half million “excess deaths” occurred in those parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo controlled by Rwanda. Another U.S. ally, Uganda, helped itself to large sections of the Congo, hauling away precious metals for sale to multinational corporations, and causing mass death in the process.

The United States is deeply involved in the deadly games that both Rwanda and Uganda play in Congo.”

The focus of the current UN report is a Congolese Tutsi warlord whose allegiance is clearly with his fellow Tutsis in Rwanda – and to his own bank account. General Bosco Ntaganda took part in the overthrow of the Hutu-led government of Rwanda in 1994 and has acted as a proxy warlord for Rwanda in Congo ever since. Ntaganda is also known as “the Terminator.” The International Criminal Court charged him with war crimes in 2006, including the use of child soldiers. But he was never arrested, undoubtedly because the United States, from which the Court takes its orders, is deeply involved in the deadly games that both Rwanda and Uganda play in Congo – games whose ultimate winners are multinational corporations.

But before Congolese minerals find their way to the big corporate guys, they are first stolen by warlords like Ntaganda, the Terminator. A UN Group of Experts reported late last year that the general controls a network of mines in Congo. He also uses his militia to levy “taxes” on other mining operations. Ultimately, it appears Ntaganda is an important cog in a vast criminal enterprise centered in the Rwandan government, itself – all profiting off the bones of six million dead Congolese.

In a peace deal between the Congolese government and Rwanda in 2009, the Tutsi Congolese militia was technically merged into the Congolese Army. But it was just a façade. Under Ntaganda, the Tutsi Congolese staged a mutiny. According to the leaked UN report, young Rwandans who thought they were being recruited for their own country’s army found themselves shipped to the Congo to fight alongside Ntaganda against the Congolese Army. In reality, there was no mutiny of the Tutsi Congolese fighters; they have been proxies for Rwanda all along.

Which means they also serve United States interests in Africa – a ticket to impunity, no matter how many Africans you kill.

For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to

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A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

Americans are now programmed to lust for Syrian blood, just as they lusted for Libyan blood, Iraqi blood, Afghan blood – whatever the demonized blood-of-the-day. It is easy for such voracious consumers of gore to project bloodlust on others, even when, as with the Syrian regime, there is no motive for the crime. “It makes absolutely no sense for the Syrian regime to allow the slitting of children’s throats while United Nations observers are stationed throughout the country.” The modus operandi and motive for the crime point to al Qaida and other jihadis – and their various U.S., European and rich Arab backers.


The Imperialists and the Jihadis: The Evil Alliance Against Syria

A Black Agenda Radio commentary by Glen Ford

In Syria, as in Libya, the United States has allied itself with al Qaida and forces that are politically very much like al Qaida.”

The afternoon airhead on CNN snarled her revulsion at the very idea that a commentary on Russia’s Pravda newspaper would conclude that Syrian rebels, or even American or British special forces, might be behind the killing of over 100 Syrian civilians, about half of them children, in the town of Houla. Her country and its Free Syrian Army allies would never do such a thing! But, of course, it goes without saying – and without the necessity of any proof whatsoever – that the Syrian government slits babies’ throats for breakfast. For CNN, the inherent goodness of the U.S. and whoever its allies of the moment might be, is a matter of faith.

Like her broadcast colleagues, the high-priced talking head had spent most of last year spreading fantastic lies about “imminent” massacres of civilians by Moamar Qaddafi’s government in Libya – massacres that never happened – and covering up the actual slaughter of black Libyan civilians at the hands of U.S.-backed forces. She and her fellow well-paid prevaricators reported as fact that Colonel Qaddafi’s soldiers used rape as a weapon of war, fueled by vast quantities of Viagra – a total fabrication. These same corporate media psychopaths pretended to believe, and tried to convince the whole world, that NATO’s 7-month bombing campaign against Libya had killed not a single civilian – or, well, maybe just a few.

Now CNN’s heroes are the so-called Free Syrian Army – who are obviously the good guys, because the U.S. State Department and the Pentagon say so. But, the Russian commentary in Pravda is much closer to the truth.

It is in the interest of Sunni jihadis to make the conflict in Syria into a war against the Alawites.”

In Syria, as in Libya, the United States has allied itself with al Qaida and forces that are politically very much like al Qaida. Hundreds, if not thousands, of U.S.-armed Libyan jihadis have relocated to Syria. The Saudis and Qataris have sent many thousands more Sunni religious fighters into Syria, where they wage holy war against the secular government. The terror bombings that have claimed hundreds of lives in Syrian cities over the past few months are classic al Qaida, as even U.S. officials have been forced to admit. And so are the killings of children in Houla.

The logic of the Houla massacre is the logic of al Qaida. In Iraq, al Qaida dedicated all its energies to provoking war between Sunnis and Shi’ites, whom al Qaida considers heretics. In Syria, the Alawite minority to which President Bashar Assad belongs is a branch of Shia. It is in the interest of Sunni jihadis to make the conflict in Syria into a war against the Alawites, who are over-represented in the secular government and the army. These jihadis hate both Muslim heretics and secularists. But, it is fundamentally against the Syrian regime’s interest for the conflict to devolve into sectarianism. And it makes absolutely no sense for the Syrian regime to allow the slitting of children’s throats while United Nations observers are stationed throughout the country. However, it does serve the interests of the rebels and their American and European backers – and, of course, the interests of Israel, which has long sought the dismantling of the Syria state.

Terrified at the onset of the Arab Spring, the U.S. and Europe, along with the royal thugs of the Persian Gulf, decided to unleash chaos in the region, using the most militant foot soldiers at their disposal: jihadis. Ultimately, this diabolical strategy will not make U.S. imperialism stronger – but it will make the world a lot bloodier, and far more dangerous.

For Black Agenda Radio, I’m Glen Ford. On the web, go to

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