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Don’t Let the Russians Corrupt the U.S. Elections System! (Don’t Make Me Laugh)

There is no U.S. elections integrity for the Russians to destroy, even if they wanted to.”

Hillary Clinton is cold – not like ice, but like the Cold War. She will do anything to return to the White House, including risking thermonuclear war with Russia. Her “Big Tent” campaign apparatus is overflowing with an influx of the most warlike elements of both major parties, now united in a crusade to give Clinton a huge electoral mandate for global aggression. Clinton knows she can’t get such a mandate simply by beating the pants off the amateur white nationalist, Donald Trump. All that would prove is that voters dislike her less than they dislike him -- which isn’t saying much. To give her victory in November a truly triumphal character, she must be seen as saving the nation from an existential threat. Russia is easily made to fit the bill, as the nation that has been Uncle Sam’s boogeyman for nearly a century.

It’s not so much that Clinton has linked Trump to Russia – but that she has smeared Russia with Trump. It is obvious that Clinton has been planning for years to ride into the White House on a warhorse. No sooner than she left the State Department, she was comparing President Vladimir Putin to Hitler. Now she’s infected her entire Big Tent with rabies. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid is frothing at the mouth about a Russian threat to tamper with the 2016 elections. The Nevada senator cites remarks by former CIA chief Michael Morell, who combined his endorsement of Hillary with a charge that Donald Trump was an “unwitting agent” of Putin, and that Russian tampering with U.S. elections represents “one of the gravest threats to our democracy since the Cold War.” Senator Reid fears the Russians might mess with elections in five or six states. He wants the FBI to open an investigation. FBI agents have told reporters that foreign hackers broke into voter files in two states: Arizona and Illinois.

U.S. Elections are Shams

Of course, Trump doesn’t work for anybody but himself, and the Russians are the last people that American voters have to fear. U.S. elections lack credibility because of endemic racism and corruption that is hardwired into the system, itself. Massive purges of Black voters in Florida and tampering with polling places in Black precincts in Ohio rendered invalid the results of the 2000 and 2004 elections. Yet, the Democrats did not protest the blatant tampering in 2000, and only one U.S. Senator, Barbara Boxer of California, challenged the results in 2004. The validity of U.S. elections has only gotten worse since then, with hundreds of Jim Crow-style voting restrictions introduced in virtually every state in the union. There is no U.S. elections integrity for the Russians to destroy, even if they wanted to.

The U.S., however, has interfered in Russia’s elections, quite blatantly in 2012. In the period after World War Two, the U.S. sabotaged elections in France and Italy, trying to keep out the communists. Hillary Clinton’s underling at the U.S. State Department, Victoria Nuland, bragged that the U.S. spent $5 billion interfering in Ukrainian politics, until finally engineering a coup that threw out the elected government.

The United States has opposed democracy everywhere in the world. The rulers of this country do not want free and fair elections, at home or abroad. Neither does Hillary Clinton. She prefers war. And that’s a cold fact.

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